20 Long Hair Problems

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Yeah, there’s a lot of great things about having long flow. BUT sometimes it can be a royal pain in the ass. If you’re considering letting your hair grow, you might want to keep these in mind. And if you’re currently a longhaired, then I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The following are 20 long hair problems that you will likely to find yourself experiencing if you’re seeking the flow. 

  1. Finding your hair in your food – you’ll be like WTF, who’s hair is that!?! Oh wait… never mind that’s mine…
  2. Shedding. When you have long hair you notice it substantially more
  3. Being mistaken for a woman –  “dude looks like a lady”. This probably happens more than you’d think. The majority of people will be too embarrassed to tell you
  4. Clogging your shower drain  – this will happen, and this will happen frequently. This shower drain hair trap saved me hours trying to unclog my drain

    Hair clogging up your drains

    Hair clogs up your drains

  5. Clogging up the vacuum – the hair will seize up your vacuum. Good luck cleaning it out
  6. Hair getting caught in hoodie/jacket/coat zipper
  7. Accidentally dipping your hair in your drink
  8. Hair. HAIR EVERYWHERE – must I say more?
  9. Waiting 10 years for your hair to dry – seriously, long hair takes forever to dry

    Drying your hair becomes a part-time job!

    Drying your hair becomes a part-time job!

  10. Putting on necklaces. It’s so easy to get your hair caught in one
  11. Spending more $ on higher end shampoo/conditioners. Also using up a lot more product
  12. Static
  13. Getting your hair stuck in everything
  14. Keeping your hair out of your eyes while playing sports or working out 

    Tying your hair up in a headband can keep it out of your eyes

    Tying your hair up in a headband can keep it out of your eyes

  15. Shitty weather:
    1. Windy days (my cryptonite)
    2. Humidity
    3. Rainy days
  16. Seatbelts – your hair getting stuck in your seatbelt
  17. Styling your hair takes forever
  18. Knots
  19. Tying your hair up (man bun) might give you headaches
  20. Feeling “bugs” crawling on you, when it’s actually just a hair

What do you think? Do you have any long hair problems of your own that’s aren’t on the list?

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