5 Hair Care Mistakes For Long-Haired Men To Avoid


So you’re officially a long-haired guy and want to maintain your mane well? The following are some of the most common hair care mistakes that guys with long hair sometimes make. Check these helpful tips out and provide your hair with the best care.

1. You shampoo too frequently

For some reasons, long-haired men love to shampoo their hair every day without realizing the actual damage. According to Next Level barbers, excessive washing can deprive your mane of essential moisture and natural oils, causing terrible dryness. Shampoo your hair less often to preserve precious moisture and keep it hydrated!

2. You underestimate conditioner

A conditioner is one of the richest sources of rich nourishment and hydration. When you ignore this product, you deprive your hair of these essential elements. Moisturizing and nourishing properties of the conditioner can make your hair feel healthy, strong, and hydrated. Condition each time you shampoo, and the results will be striking!

3. You overdo it with heated tools

According to Next Level barbers, excessive usage of heated tools is one of the biggest hair care mistakes. Hair straighteners and using blow-dryers on the hot setting can be detrimental to your hair’s health. If you expose your hair to heat too often, eventually you can get thermal damage and chop your locks off. You should minimize styling with heat in order to prevent unneeded consequences.

4. You ignore scalp maintenance

Scalp maintenance is even more important than hair maintenance, that’s why you should take care of your scalp well. It’s important to keep the temperature down in the shower and wash your hair in lukewarm or cold water. You should also treat your scalp with regular massages to feel the desired relaxation and boost its health! This hand held scalp massager is great to jump-start and stimulate hair growth!

5. You don’t trim your ends

It’s essential to trim your ends if you want to preserve the length. If you don’t take care of your ends in time, later you will experience breakage and other hair problems. Refresh your ends every other month to keep your ends healthy! Just don’t trim your ends too often or you’ll never reach your goal of having long hair. 


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