Behold, America’s Biggest Man Bun

biggest man bun in the world jace burry conan show

With the man bun taking storm and becoming one of the biggest trends of 2015, it has produced lots of comedy for late night talk shows. America’s biggest man bun was featured on the late night talk show, Conan. The show pokes fun at the hair crazed man bun trend.

Watch the following video to see the crazy bun of Jace Sals Burry, who has reportedly been growing it out for 8 years! The part time yoga instructor says that his refusal to cut it has cost him jobs in the past. Jace also says that because of the monstrous size of his hair, he’s forced to sleep in a chair.


Now that’s true dedication. I can’t believe that during the duration of growing out his hair for 8 years, he was never tempted to cut it. I wonder he looks with his hair down. I’m sure it’s gotta be close to around his waist.

What do you guys think? Could you grow it out for 8 years straight? What’s the longest you guys have gone without cutting it (trims not included)?


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