Best of 2016 Guys Long Hair Awards

best of 2016 guys long hair awards

Guys Long Hair Awards – 2016

Welcome to the first annual Guys Long Hair Awards of 2016, unofficially sponsored by Bondi Band, the best athletic headbands made in the USA! Help us recognize the guys with the fiercest flow of the year in their respected category. Categories include actors, musicians, athletes, personalities, and many other various long hair groups.


Movie Actor – Dev Patel

Dev Patel Lion Movie

This British actor is commonly known for his role in Slum Dog Millionaire. Critics can’t stop talking about Dev Patel’s 2016 performance in the film Lion. He’s one of the few actors with REAL long hair. Leonardo DiCaprio and his role in The Revenant, and even Chris Hemsworth in this role in Thor Ragnarok & The Huntsman are sporting a long hair WIG.

T.V. Show Actor – Kit Karington

kit karington jon snow

Most notably known from his role as Jon Snow on the critically acclaimed HBO Series, Game of Thrones.

T.V Show Actor (Honorable Mention) – Blake Anderson

blake anderson workaholics

That glorious crown of curls that you see above is Blake Anderson’s mane. You can see him and his mop on the hilarious show, Workaholics, which aires on Comedy Central.


Football Player – Colin Kaepernick

colin kaepernick afro long hair

Although he didn’t play much, it didn’t stop Colin Kaepernick from making headlines. He was one of the most talked about football players in 2016. His actions and his glorious 70’s afro also made quite the statement in 2016!

Baseball Player – Jacob DeGrom

Jacob deGrom long hair

The NY Mets Pitchers is known for 2 things. 1. being a really good pitcher, and 2. having the best flow in baseball.

Basketball Player -Kenneth Faried

Kenneth Faried long hair

After much deliberation, we decided that the best hair of the NBA in 2016 was Kenneth Faried. Some honorable mentions include, Jae Crowder, Steve Adams, Demarre Carroll, & Dirk Nowitzki.

Soccer Player – Edison Cavani

edinson cavani long hair

This Uruguayan professional footballer has the best flow in soccer. Him and other soccer players often sport these nike hair bands to keep the hair out of their way while playing. Some honorable mentions this year include Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Andy Carroll.

Skateboarder – Justin “Figgy” Figueroa

Justin Figueroa long hair skater

One of the best skaters of 2016, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa also made the cover of Thrasher Magazine – issue November 2016.

Snowboarder – Danny Davis

Danny Davis long hair

This 3 time X-Games medalist knows how to shred some major powder! The long hair, beard combo wins him this years title.

Cyclist – Peter Sagan

Peter Sagan long hair

“Off the bike, the first thing you notice about Peter Sagan is the hair. The hair is magnificent. It’s chestnut-brown with blondish streaks…”  – Said the Wall Street Journal in 2016 about the rock star cyclist. Being a long haired cyclist is much like being a long haired swimmer. You just don’t see it very often.

MMA – UFC fighter Clay Guida

UFC Clay Guida

Interestingly it has been said that Clay Guida’s long hair was costing him points with ringside UFC judges. Not because they think the rebel should cut his hair, but because it makes it look like he’s getting hit when he’s not.

Runner – Noah Droddy

Noah Droddy Runner Long Hair

Runner’s World called him a “Mustachioed, Beer-Drinking “Hero” Who Crashed the Trials 10K”. Noah Droddy became an internet sensation during the Olympic Track & Field trials for his awesome long hair, and a thick man-stache. 

Golfer – Miguel Angel Jimenez

 Miguel Angel Jimenez

They say he’s the most interesting man in golf… In case you’re wondering what he’s smoking, it’s a Siglo VI, which is among his favorite. 

Tennis – Dustin Brown

dustin brown tennis player

Dustin Brown turned a lot of heads in the tennis world with his long dreads. And with dreads that long, you’d think he’s gotta be careful not to get it caught in his tennis racket.

Swimmer – Cody Miller

cody miller swimmer

This American long haired swimmer made a big splash in the 2016 Olympic Summer Games by earning a gold and bronze medal. The gold medal is for having the best flow in the summer olympics, and the bronze is for the 100m breaststroke. 


R&B – The Weeknd

the weeknd hair

Definitely the most unique hairstyle in the industry. Literally when you google search, “singer with weird hair” he’s the first result to pop up. Listen to his new album “Starboy”.

Country – Chris Stapleton

chris stapleton grammy long hair

Won a Grammy for best country album (The Traveller) in 2016. 

Hip-Hop Rap – Wiz Khalifa

wiz khalifa

In 2016 Wiz Khalifa ditched the purple rain dreads, and bleached his dreadlocks. 

Rock – Iggy Pop

iggy pop long hair

Rocker, Iggy Pop’s new album titled, “Post Pop Depression” was a huge hit in 2016.

Metal – Kirk Hammett

kirk hammett long hair

The Guitarist for Metallic, Kirk Hammett.

Dj – Steve Aoki

steve aoki long hair

Followed by a close second to Skrillex (with his signature long hair under cut hairstyle), DJ Steve Aoki’s long hair won this year’s DJ category. 

Pop – Harry Styles

harry styles long hair

Weirdly enough this Pop star’s name looks and sounds much hairstyles. 

Reggae – Alborosie

alborosie long dreads

The Italian born, Jamaican raised reggae artist has some incredibly long dreadlocks. 


Youtuber – Danny Duncan

danny duncan youtube

Carrot top? No that’s upcoming Youtuber Danny Duncan. You can watch his Youtube videos on his channel, where he has over half a million subscribers.

Model – Willy Cartier

Willy Cartier

Long haired model of the 2016 goes to Willy Cartier.

Comedian – Chris D’elia

chris d'elia long hair

Between Chris D’elia and T.J. Miller, these are the 2 funniest long haired comedians of 2016. 

Longest Hair – Savjibhai Rathwa

Savjibhai Rathwa

Known as the most Indian Rapunzel committed Savjibhai Rathwa, long haired in the world. Measuring in on 62 feet long, he says it takes over 2 hours to wash his hair! 

Animation/Cartoon – Maui, (Movie, Moana)

Maui Moana Disney

Voiced by non-other than Dwayne Johnson. Although Polynesian culture claims that Maui was bald, like Dwayne Johnson,  the filmmakers decided on giving the character long hair and said that his long, rich hair is part of his mana (spiritual energy).

Instagram Star – Brock O’Hurn

Brock O'Hurn Instagram

Known as one of the most handsome men on the internet, Brock O’Hurn has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.


Thanks for attending this years Guys Long Hair Awards! Here is your FREE parting gift. So, how did we do? We want to know, so feel free to comment below! We look forward to seeing you next year for the 2017 Guys Long Hair Awards!

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