Best Halloween Costumes for Men with Long Hair

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Dressing up for Halloween this year but you don’t know what to go as?

With Halloween approaching, I started brainstorming cool halloween costumes for men with long hair. Now, if you already have long hair, why don’t you use it to your advantage and incorporate it into your costume? This could be a great opportunity to show off your awesome long hair.  Some people might even think, “Wow, great costume! That wig looks so real, where did you get it? See our 2016 UPDATE: 50+ Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys with Long Hair 

So, here are the Top 8 costumes for your next halloween party:

1. Thor Costume

 The Nordic God of Thunder, Thor is most commonly associated with the 2012 movie, The Avengers. Being Nordic, he has the ability to drink anyone under the table. He’s definitely not someone to mess with. This costume is perfect for you if you’re built strong, and have blonde or brown hair. This Thor costume is dope!

Badass Thor Cosplay

Badass Thor Cosplay

2. Pirate Costume

 Pirates are awesome. What’s cooler than being a pirate? You sail around all day drinking rum and sword fighting. Here are a few legendary pirates you can dress up as: Captain Morgan, Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), and Christopher Columbus. You can find some awesome pirate costumes here.


Ahoy, Mateys!

 3. “The Dude” Costume

 “The dude abides” – The Dude, from the legendary film The Big Lebowski. This costume is great for an older guy, especially if you’ve got“salt n’ pepper” hair. It’s also probably one of the most comfortable costumes. “The dude” was an easygoing guy, who was all about comfort. You can wear a robe, sweater, or bowling shirt. Don’t forget the Ray Bans, sandals, and of course a“White Russian” to top it all off. Make your own Lebowski costume, or buy these wacky ones here.

The Dude abides!

“The Dude abides!”

4. Jesus Costume

One great thing about this costume is that it’s a reminder to listen to your conscience. One bad thing about this costume is that it’s a reminder to listen to your conscience. That being said, Halloween is typically a day in which parties are thrown and people end up making alcohol-induced decisions. Women dress like sluts and depending on your faith, some people are just “having a good time”, but others might see these bad decisions as morally wrong. Get righteous with these holy costumes!

Pulling. It. Off

Pulling. It. Off

5. Rambo Costume

John Rambo is a kick-ass American hero who can take out an entire army with just his bare hands and a knife. He’s totally badass and most likely immortal. For this costume you need a headband, giant fake knife, and ripped up clothes. Look shredded with these Rambo costumes!

Sweet Rambo Costume

“Live for nothing or die for something”

6. Caveman Costume

“So easy a caveman can do it” – Gieco. Let your wild side out and be a caveman this year. If you can, grow out your facial hair, this will complement your hair and help achieve that dirty savage look. Whenever I picture a caveman I imagine someone who’s hairy and barbaric. A great addition to this costume is a club or spear. Get primitive with these caveman costumes!

Geico caveman costume done well

Geico caveman costume done well

7. Rasta/Bob Marley Costume

Bob Marley was a true revolutionary who made a difference to millions of people through his reggae music, which was all about spreading the beautiful message of love and peace. This costume is great for those of you who have dreadlocks. All you need is a Rasta beanie, a Jamaican accent, and a Red Stripe bottle in hand.

One love. Jah feel?

One love. Jah feel?

8. Slash Costume

This costume is great for guys with long, black, and curly hair. Slash is awesome, but unless your hair is black and curly, it will definitely require a lot of work and time to achieve the look. Now if you do have those traits, then this costume is perfect for you. All you really need is Slash’s signature top hat, sunglasses, and maybe a guitar. Rock on with these Slash costumes!



See the 2016 UPDATE: 50+ Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys with Long Hair 

Other great costume ideas:

  • Rock N’ Roll Stars – Alice Cooper, Axl Rose, etc…
  • Garth and Wayne – from Wayne’s World
  • Hagrid – from Harry Potter
  • Gandalf – from Lord of the Rings
  • Loki – from Thor, Marvel Comics
  • General Custer
  • Wrestlers
  • Fabio
  • International Soccer/Futbol player
  • Tarzan
  • Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII


Got a costume idea? Share it below in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

What are you going to be for Halloween?


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