Clip On Man Buns Are a Joke, Not a Trend!

Fake man bun clip on lame trend for men

If you have recently been on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, then it’s likely that you’ve seen the totally fake, super lame, clip on man buns popping up all over your news feed. I’ll start off first by saying that I find these things extremely hilarious. A lot of “news” or entertainment sites are reporting it like it’s some sort of hairstyle trend when in fact it’s not. It’s a joke, a novelty piece like a kind of like a fake mustache.

I mean what kind of a guy would wear one of these? Well, I guess you could argue that some men wear a toupee or hair piece, but that’s because they are trying to cover up a bald spot. When you think about it, you could very well use it to do just that. Who knows, maybe the toupee or hair piece industry see these clip on man buns as a form of competition. So, why else would you buy one?

Reasons why you would get one…

  • To help you get through an awkward stage – another great way to hide your hair during an annoying awkward stage.
  • To see if you’d look good in a man bun – I guess they’re not a bad buy if you have short hair and you just want to see what you would look like with a man bun.
  • To cover up a bald spot – look out toupee and hairpiece industry, the clip on man bun is now a great fix for covering up your bald spot.
  • You like to waste money on novelty items – you don’t know why, but you just gotta have it. Or you’re making a late night, online drunk purchase.
  • You want to make up for lost time – you missed the boat for the man bun trend, but you still want to be part of the bandwagon.

So who’s selling these atrocities? were the first ones to offer the fake man buns at a price of $9.99 (which is a huge discount from the $65.13 original price tag). According to the listing, apparently over 5,000 clip-on man buns have been purchased within the last week. I find this number very surprising. I’m guessing a lot of men purchased them as a joke?

The following is a tweet that was sent out from ASOS, an online British clothing and fashion website. It turns out it was a hoax tweet. Although it was a joke, little did they know someone actually took the idea to heart and capitalized from it by selling fake man buns.


ASOS’s hoax tweet

Overall it’s most definitely not going to become a trend. A trend is a popular style or practice that is adopted by a large group of people. Depending on where you live, chances are you will probably never see anyone wearing one. Then again how could you possibly know whether it’s fake or not? It’s possible that this product may cause some backlash from real man bun wearing dudes. Instead of being complimented or “hated on” for rockin’ their man bun, they now might get asked “is that real”.

Also Kings Barber Shop, a barber shop in the UK really believes this is becoming a hairstyle tree. They posted this on their Facebook page. “Due to an increase in demand, All our Barbers are now Fully trained in attaching Clip-In Man Buns – Pop in for your free consultation!” You can’t blame them trying to be on the cutting edge and adapting their services for their costumers.

Be sure to come back for developments and to see a picture gallery of short haired guys testing out the hairstyle with their fake clip on man bun. In the meantime you could view our gallery titled, pictures of guys with man buns or check out our post about photoshopped pictures of world leaders with man buns.


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