Common Problems of Men With Long Hair

long hair problems

Common Problems of Men With Long Hair.

Having long hair is not easy for most guys. Many people think that having long hair is more laid back and doesn’t require as much attention, maintenance, and effort. The following are the most common and painful problems of dealing with long hair as a guy!

1. Dealing with a morning mess

According to barbers in New York, there is nothing worse than dealing with long hair in the morning. If you didn’t bother to secure it in some hairstyle the night before, you would end up having an unbelievable mess on your head. Just imagine how much you turn your head in the sleep, no wonder your hair suffers! See our short post, sleeping with long hair to get more tips. 

2. Being confused as a woman

If you have long hair, you probably got in this stupid situation when somebody confused you with a woman. On the one hand, it’s extremely embarrassing and make you want to chop your locks off. On the other hand, your hair must look truly gorgeous because women always have awesome hair. One way to combat this problem is to grow some facial hair, or avoid wearing skinny jeans.

3. Your hair gets into your face

Long hair gets into your face when you least expect it. The slightest blast of wind makes your locks block your vision and lands your hair in your mouth. It gets even more problematic if you’re in the middle of the date, enjoying your dinner in the company of a beautiful lady. To combat this check out these cool headbands for men with long hair.

4. You get asked stupid questions

Men with long hair often get stupid questions like “When are finally you getting a haircut?”. They are especially unavoidable at some family picnic when every relative wants to be smart and mess with you a little bit. Well, it’s not funny! Just tell them that you’re going to get it cut tomorrow, and they’ll leave you alone. If you see them again, just tell something came up or something.

5. Maintenance is much trickier

Barbers in New York underline the fact that long hair requires much more patience and time. You can’t just wake up and get ready in 5 minutes anymore. You can’t get along without styling products. You need more than just regular shampooing. Long hair puts its owners through the wringers.

If you’re reading this and you’re in the middle of growing your hair out, don’t get discouraged, but rather get prepared. Get prepared to deal with some of these inconveniences that may or may not occur to you. And if some of these common problems of men with long hair occur, then just walk in front of a mirror to remind yourself of how dope your mane looks. 

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