4 Easy Manbun Hairstyles (Guide)

manbun hairstyles

The following hairstyle tutorial was created by Edwin Lou. The short video tutorial shows you four easy manbun hairstyles to wear for different occasions.

Many people wanted to know different styles and different versions of the man bun so I said okay. All you need is a couple sturdy hair ties and some bobbie pins. The following are four different manbun hairstyles that you can wear. 

So before start doing anything with my hair, I like to use a little bit dry shampoo. Even if your hair is clean, this actually acts as a texturizing tool and it helps hold your hair better and prevents it from slipping out of your manbun.

1. “The Business Man”

So the first hairstyle is a pulled back and tight manbun, or as I like to call it “the businessman”. He’s all business talk during the day but he’s actually pretty fun once he gets some alcohol system.  Also this is like a super easy hairstyle, for example on a scale of one to 10 of how easy this is this is like a -3.
The first step for this man-bun hairstyle is to gather all the hair from the front, back, and sides into a ponytail. Once you have all your hair gathered you want to take your hair tie and pull your ponytail through. I usually pull it through about three times. Most of the time I’ll have hair left over from the ponytail, so I’ll take the end of it and wrap it around the bun and just take a bobby pin and just pin it in place.
If the sides of your hair is not long enough to pull back into a bun, just take some bobby pins and pin those short hairs into side of my head.
I actually like to wear this hairstyle when I workout, so when I do that I usually throw a headband on which helps keep the hair in place orders so it doesn’t fall out while I’m working out. This is actually a very versatile hairstyle that you can really wear for any occasion.

2. The Modern Samurai (relaxed top bun hairstyle)

On a scale of one to 10 how easy this is, if a monkey can peel a banana that you can probably do this. The first step of this tutorial is to gather all the hair but only on the top part of of your head, so the bun will kinda of end up more or less on the top.
Just like the first hairstyle you pull it through three times and if you want you can wrap it around your bun and pin in place with a bobby pin. I prefer this one to the tight man bun hairstyle because this one’s a lot looser and doesn’t feel like someones trying to pull your scalp off of your head.

3. “The Orland Bloom” (middle part man bun)

Did he wear this hairstyle in Pirates of the Caribbean? I feel like he did, but I don’t. Once again this is also super easy man bun hairstyle. The first step is to find the part where you would like to part your hair. I usually do this by tapping my head until a middle part appears. Instead of pulling the hair to the back of your head to make a man bun, you wanna pull it to the side. Once again, pull the ponytail through the hair tie, wrap-it-around, do what you gotta do. and once you’re done it should look.

If you wear this hairstyle looking very neat then you can wear this to a formal event or something fancy. If you want you can loosen some strands, pull out some strands, and play with it a little bit to look like you don’t give a fuck but you actually do.

4. “Messy” Man Bun Hairstyle

So the last hairstyle I have for you guys is the classic messy man bun, or as I like to call it, the basic white girl. I never really understood that Drake song until I started wearing his hairstyle.
The steps are essentially the same as the other hairstyles. You want to gather all your hair and pull it through the hair tie, but this time you want to make sure that the bun is a little bit more loose so I only put it through twice. Once you have completed that,  you wanna start tugging at the bun to loosen it to give it that messy affect.
This hairstyle is just a lot of playing around. You can loosen up some strands, pull some out, just to achieve that look you want.
So those are the 4 manbun styles that I like to wear. Hopefully they give you some sort of inspiration on how to wear your hair.
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