Face shapes and long hairstyles for men

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Picking a hairstyle that compliments your face shape is one of the most important things to consider.

Another thing to keep in mind is that along with your face shape, your hairstyle should match your personality, style, and hair type.

There are many “rules” to having a short/medium hairstyle. This doesn’t necessarily apply to long haired guys. Most guys can pull off long hair as long as they keep it clean, trimmed, and styled correctly.

The first thing you need to do is figure out which what shape your face is: There are 7 main types of face shapes; Oval, Square, Heart, Triangular, Diamond, Round, and Oblong.

face shape long hair styles for men

8 Different Types of Face Shapes

So get up and take a good look in the mirror. What shape is your face? Sometimes figuring out your face shape can be harder then you think. Yes, there are 7 MAIN types, needless to say there are many more. If you’re not completely sure you can always ask a friend; they are able to get a better view and perspective of your face. Or you can just pull out your camera phone and shamelessly take a bunch of “selfies”.

2 Things You Should Try to Accomplish (when considering a hairstyle):

  • Highlight and compliment positive features (nose, eyes, jaw line, cheekbones, etc)
  • Minimize unpleasant characteristics (nose, eyes, jaw line, cheekbones, etc)

It looks weird, but there are these crazy anti-wrinkle face slimming masks for $7 that are starting to trend these days. It kind of seems like bullshit, but I have yet to try it. Supposedly if you wear it enough it can minimally change the shape of your face. What do you guys think?

Face Shapes:

Square  long hairstyles are great for a square face, in fact it is probably the best. A guy with a square face and long hair appears very masculine. You will probably never be mistaken as a girl (at least from the front). If you have a square face it’s recommended that you rock round sunglasses likes these dope classic Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses , which help soften up your jawline.

jason momoa long haired square face shape

Jason Momoa – square face shape

Oval – because it is perfectly proportioned, an oval shaped face is ideal. There are a variety of different kinds of hairstyles that will look great on you. Just be sure to enhance your best features. It’s recommended by stylists that having an oval shaped face that round sunglasses, like these look best, but your round symmetry will work with many different frame shapes. Just don’t buy these crazy-ass round sunglasses that Oakley makes, called the Madman, I don’t know how anybody could pull those off…

round face shape long hair

NBA’s Chris Andersen and his oval face

Heart – a very common face shape is a heart. A heart shaped face usually has a defined chin and full cheekbones. Long hairstyles look great on a heart shaped face. If you have a heart shaped mug, oversized sunglasses will look best on you. Basically any aviator-type shades will look legit on you. If I had my pick, I would choose these dope-ass Carrera Shield Sunglasses

face shape long haired men

Actor Reece Ritchie – Heart shaped face

Triangular – out of all the different face shapes, the triangular face shape is one that that you should be careful with. Being that your forehead and cheekbones are narrow, and your jaw line wide, long hair on a triangular face can sometimes draw attention to the jaw region, which can make your face appear shorter and wider. The recommended sunglasses for this type of face shape it aviators with a brow bar on top. This effect will help broaden your jaw.

face shape long haired men

Jason Castro

Diamond – known for being one of the more uncommon face shapes, people with a diamond shaped face usually have a narrow forehead and jaw line, and high and wide cheekbones. Try to avoid a middle part; it can actually make your face appear longer. When it comes to sunglasses, rectangular style frames like these sharp looking Ray Bans should really compliment your wide cheekbones. 

face shape long hair men

Snowboarder Shaun White

Round – usually associated with having a round chin, a round face is one of the more rare face shapes. A round face usually comes with soft facial features, so long hair will look good on you because it will slim and add height to your face. Angular sunglasses like the Oakley Sliver F are a good example. Rocking angular frames that are wider than your cheekbones should balance those curves.

round face long hair guys

Actor Jack Black

Oblong – If you have an oblong face you will want to choose a hairstyle that will make your face appear shorter and fuller.  Long hairstyles can make your face look longer. One great thing you can do is to sweep your bangs to one side. The best length for an oblong face type would be shoulder length, because it’s not considered too long, and it creates width.

long hair face shape

NBA’s Luis Scola

Yes, certain hairstyles might be more fitting for your face shape, body, hair type, or style. Do what makes you feel comfortable and happy; don’t be afraid to try out different kinds of long hairstyles, there are so many different options to choose from. Much like the oval face shape, most sunglasses will work for you.

For ideas or inspiration browse the picture gallery. Compare your face shape or style with others; this will give you a good indicator of how you might look with that particular hairstyle. Another helpful tip would be to ask your hair stylist or hairdresser for advice and suggestions (this is what they do for a living).

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