Facial Hair Styles and Long Hair

facial hairstyles for men with long hair

Long Hair and Different Types of Facial Hair

Facial hair can really compliment a guy with long hair. It’s kind of like having a cool pair of boots that tie together your whole outfit or style that you’re going for. Choosing a particular style of facial hair may take a lot of experimentation as well as proper maintenance for grooming (sideburns, mustache, and goatee). Even a beard requires some trimming every once in a while.  When it comes down to it, don’t be afraid to try something new. You’ll never know whether you like it or not if you don’t try it.

Some long haired guys find that this can be a great way to eliminate confusion, like being mistaken for a girl. Overall though, it’s just a great way to pull together a certain look. The following are different facial hair options you can rock with your long flow:


Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and his man bun hairstyle and beard

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal and his man bun hairstyle and beard


Jared Padalecki rockin' the sideburns

Jared Padalecki rockin’ the sideburns


Brad Pitt and his salt n' pepper goatee

Brad Pitt and his salt n’ pepper goatee


Red Hot Chilli Peppers Anthony Kiedis looking rad with his 'stache

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Anthony Kiedis looking rad with his ‘stache


Model with long wavy hair and stubble

Model with long wavy hair and stubble

Have fun with it!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with it. Certain facial hair styles work better for certain occasions. You’ll go through many different phases, and you’ll be bound to change it up until you find something that you really like. Although, if you do have trouble growing out facial hair, remember, a clean shave is always in style and will look good. Have thin or patchy facial hair? You can give Just for Men a try, it can really thicken the appearance of your facial hair. Back when I first started growing out my beard in college I started using it and it worked wonders. It darkens your lighter hairs, and really made difference for me. Its kind of cheating but you’ve gotta fake it ’til you make it. 

Again, if you’re not sure whether a type of facial hair style and long hair will work for you, ask your friends or a barber/hairstylist. If you are one with weak facial hair, it’s probably best to keep a clean shave until you can fully develop those hair follicles.

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