Golden Rules of Long Hair Maintenance for Men

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Golden Rules of Long Hair Maintenance for Men

Simplicity is the key

Long hair doesn’t need that much to look great, so you should keep your daily hair care regimen simple. There are only a few things you should never skip in your hair maintenance – shampooing and conditioning. Less is better in your case, that’s why you should try to avoid burdening your hair with unneeded products and procedures.

Proper hydration

Soho barbers list hydration among the essential elements of long hair maintenance. If your mane is hydrated, then you can worry less about split ends, breakage, and dryness. Rich moisture makes your hair incredibly strong and resistible to any sources of damage. You can hydrate your hair with the help of a moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner as well. My recent favorite is Art Naturals Organic Daily Argan Oil Shampoo, it leaves my mane feeling soft and properly hydrated and is gentle enough for daily washing. 

Minimal heat styling

Although long hair opens the new world of heat styling opportunities, you should keep yourself well in hand. Frequent exposure to heat is like a straight road to damage, which is impossible to fix. You can use heated tools on rare occasions but make sure to apply thermal protectant and set the lowest heat setting. If heating is a must to set your perfect hairstyle check out Wazor’s temperature controlled flat iron, for a safer hair straightener. 

Regular trims

Ends of our hair contact with different surfaces more than any other part of our locks. For this reason, they are very vulnerable and easy to damage, which can spread to the rest of your length. Soho barbers underline the importance of regular trims for keeping your hair healthy. The frequency of trims depends on the condition of your ends – if they look unhealthy, make an appointment immediately. Note that if you’re just starting to grow out your hair, don’t worry about trims yet. If you keep getting your hair trimmed, you will never reach your goal of having long hair.

See our detailed long hair guide for men for more tips and other haircare advice.

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