How Long Will it Take to Get Shoulder Length Hair?

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If you’re in the middle of growing your hair out, then you’re probably wondering how long it will take until you get shoulder length hair.

Well, given that hair normally grows at about an inch every two months, and shoulder length hair is about 8-10 inches or 20-25 cm. It will take around 16-20 months or roughly about a year and a half. Yeah it’s a long time, but long hair is earned, not given. Be patient, long haired guys didn’t just pop-up over night.

Also it’s important to note that everyone has different body chemistry so not everyone will grow hair at the same rate. 

Some things you can do to speed up hair growing process: consume b vitamins like biotin. You can also try the magic of castor oil. Some other good tips to speed up hair-growth can be found on the tips page.

Also, you should note that hair at the back of your head will reach your shoulders a lot faster than hair at the top of your head. For instance, it usually takes about 8 months for hair at the back of your head to reach shoulder length, but around 18 months for the hair at the top of your head. Incidentally, this is why you should visit a hairstylist or barber to trim up your hair. Otherwise you will risk walking around with a mullet. Which is fine, if that’s the look you’re going for.


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