How To Get Long Epic Hair Like Harry Styles

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Have you been thinking about going from that cropped cut to long hair that blows in the wind? I am talking about hair of biblical proportions. Fast-forward and men today like Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, David Beckham and Harry Styles have all taken the plunge. They have all gone through that awkward hair growth stage to epic long hairstyles.

Harry is well known for his long wavy locks. This dude has thick and well-hydrated hair. He is also known for sporting the man-bun, which reignited the style for men all around the world.

Below are four tips that will help you get hair just like Harry that you can maintain all throughout the year.

Trim Your Hair

In order to have thick, shiny hair like Harry you need to trim your hair once every two or three months. If you check out Harry’s hair, you will notice that it never has any split ends or looks frayed.

Hair gets damaged over time from combing, shampooing, sunlight and the environment in general. This type of damage happens when you don’t regularly trim your hair. So, to fight back, schedule an appointment with your barber for a quick trim. It will ensure that you remove any split ends and maintain your healthy, long hair.

Too Much Shampoo

Do you shampoo your hair every day? If so, you need to stop this practice immediately. Shampooing every day will only make your hair dull, dry and the opposite of Harry’s hair, which is shiny, healthy hair. Instead, you should wash your hair every few days and only use organic shampoos that don’t have harsh chemicals.


One Direction – Harry Styles – BBC Music Awards

Moisturize Your Hair

If want glossy, long hair, moisturize your hair strands using eggs once every week. All you have to do is beat one or two eggs and then apply it to your hair for 15 minutes. The protein in the eggs will help to repair your hair and make your strands thicker and shinier. This is one of Harry’s foolproof methods for shiny hair, so make sure to do it every week.

Food & Your Hair

It is imperative that you be aware of the types of foods that you eat and how they affect your hair. Your hair is nourished by the foods that you eat, so make sure to eat lots of lean protein, eggs, beans and green leafy vegetables. These foods are known for making your hair thicker and longer since they provide the right nutrients and vitamins.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips on how you can get hair like Harry Styles. Once you follow these guidelines, you will have exceptionally manly, long hair too. Oh, and one more thing, Harry’s stylists insists his client use Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and Batiste dry shampoo.

About the author: Sherry Harris is the solopreneur of Sherry’s Life. On the blog she writes about any and everything related to hair care and hairstyles.

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