How to Maintain Long Healthy Hair for Guys

how to maintain long healthy hair

Long hairstyles for men are considered sexy – but there’s a fine print. Whatever the exact length, hair MUST be healthy and well-maintained. Having long hair means you’re more prone to looking disheveled if you’re not careful, so you’ll need to put in a significant amount of effort in keeping it presentable. Do you intend to grow out your hair? Or do you currently already have long locks? Here’s how to keep it a majestic mane rather than a bird’s nest.

How to maintain long healthy hair:

Don’t overdose on the shampoo

The more hair you have, the more shampoo you have to use to keep it clean, right? That’s perfectly sound logic. However, what we tend to overlook is that most shampoos are harsh and could strip hair of its natural oils. This will dry out your hair and cause it to become very dull and fragile.

The trick is to shampoo less often, preferably thrice a week or every other day. Note that we specifically refer to the act of shampooing itself. You can still take your daily (and nightly?) baths, but you can opt to use conditioner alone. You might not even want to wet your hair at all.

When you do shampoo, focus on lathering the product on the scalp and roots to remove build-up. It will naturally trickle to the rest of the length as you wash it off. In addition, if you’re worried about hair getting too oily, there’s a fantastic product called dry shampoo that will keep that under control. Dry shampoo should also be used sparingly.

Use the right products

Speaking of regular and dry shampoo, you need to be using the right products on your hair. This includes wax, pomade, gel, oils, or whatever it is you use for styling and maintenance. Knowing the right hair products depends on your hair type; the four common types are straight, curly, wavy, and kinky. Any damage caused by too much sun exposure or dyeing also factors in. One thing all hair types have in common is that they need a spritz of heat-protecting spray each time you style using heat (e.g. curling iron, hair straightener, et c) to minimize damage.

Trim regularly

The ends of our hair are vulnerable and very prone to damage. Any damage done on the tips, such as split ends, could spread to the rest of the length. The ideal frequency of getting a trim is every six to eight weeks, or as soon as you start noticing any damage to the tips. Be very clear with your barber about your intentions so they don’t take away too much length! Growing out hair is a long process and you probably don’t want to keep setting yourself a couple of months back.

Dry carefully

This isn’t news, but worth reminding: wet hair is more susceptible to damage. Take it easy when towel drying wet hair to avoid damage to the cuticle, split ends, and the ever so annoying frizziness. If you have curly hair you may want to try the technique called ‘plopping’. That’s when you wrap your hair with a t-shirt instead of a regular towel (except microfiber towel, which will actually do just fine) for about 10 to 20 minutes before air drying.

The reality is that we start losing our hair, quite literally, as we get older. Learn to take good care of the hair you have now! In case you need inspiration, check out these men who are rocking long hairstyles for men.

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