How to Pull Off the Long 80s Rocker Hairstyle for Men (Guide)

80s rocker hairband slash guns roses rockstars hair guide

Were you one of those people that grew up idolizing the epic hairstyles of the 80s, but thought to yourself “nah, I could never do that” or “I don’t have time for that” or “that’s too much chemicals and hairspray”? Well you’re in luck! Today I will detail how I pull off the 80s rocker look!

I detail hair styles that require little or no product, and best of all, no damaging chemical hairspray or back combing! This lesson will be for people with naturally curly hair, as I have curly hair, and thus it is easiest to teach by example 🙂

What you will need:

1) A boar bristle brush. If you have curly hair or fine thin hair a thin boar bristle brush is a must. A rigid boar bristle brush will destroy your hair utterly, although it can be used if your hair is thick and straight, and strong enough to endure. Avoid plastic brushes at all costs! Not good for curly hair at all!

2) A fine tooth comb and a wide tooth comb

3) some manner of being able to blow your hair with cool air – whether its a blowdryer or just a regular fan

4) Any product with argan oil in it, or an oil to help your hair shine. I use shampoo and conditioner with argon oil in it, as well as argan essential oils. You can also use moroccan oil, grape seed oil and monoi oil.

5) Any product that has repairing oils in it – macadamia nut is one, coconut oil is another

6) a spray bottle with water and lemon juice in it

7) (optional) baking soda and white vinegar.


Step 1:

Take a shower, or bath. If you want to go the healthy route take the baking soda and scrunch it through your hair. Then, take the vinegar and run it over your hair until you hear the sizzling sound – make sure it runs down to cover all the hair including the tips. You must use white vinegar, as apple cider vinegar will not work properly. White vinegar will not only strip out any buildup on your scalp and hair, but it will also leave your hair feeling smooth, an effect you will be able to feel even while washing it. To reset your hair after using a lot of product you can also JUST wash it with white vinegar. The smell will go away once it dries.

If you are going the regular route use your shampoo products with the shine and repair oils in them and make sure you really get the tips – start from the scalp and work in sections down to the ends, then let it sit and then rinse out.

Step 2:

Run your hair under the water on a hard setting if you are showering, or under the tap with a lot of heat so there is a lot of pressure on your hair if you are taking a bath. For one this will remove all the excess shampoo, another it will open up the pores, and most importantly it will help you get any tangles or excess hair that has fallen out and gotten stuck in your hair OUT of your hair. Start from the scalp, work your way to the crown of your head, and down to the tips of the hairs. When your hair separates into snakelike tendrils and feels completely smooth your hair is properly detangled. You need water pressure for this to work quickly and well. If your hair looks frizzy while wet it means your hair is still tangled. Once done run your hair under cold water to close up the pores.

Step 3:

Pat your hair dry or put it up in a towel until its easy to work with. You don’t want to scrub it dry as this will retangle all the hair you just untangled. Now, how you style hair ALL depends on WHAT is done to it AS it is drying – not what you do after, or when it’s super wet. You are going to now take the fine bristle boar bristle brush – you can get them at wal-mart or your drug store or any beauty shop – make sure they are the wooden brush – and you are going to run it through your damp hair until your hair is completely straightened out.

Step 4:

You are then going to take the wide tooth comb, and you are going to run it through your hair. You may find you still have tangles – so when you encounter these stop – and then try from where you last left off, detangle, and comb through again, and stop – do not force the comb through or you will break all your hair. Do this until all your hair is detangled. Pay special attention to the hair at the scalp as this is the area that detangles the most. Once this is done do the same thing with the FINE tooth comb. Be sure to comb all one side of your hair, then flip it over and comb the other side. Comb from the root out until your hair is flat to your head and shiny .

Step 5:

You will find once all your hairs are separated it might be a bit poofy. Take the spray bottle with the water and lemon juice and spray your hair so that its just a bit tamed, but not damp. Then, if you have regular oils, take some and run them through your hair. When your hair isn’t dry the oils get absorbed better into your hair and don’t leave it feeling greasy. Then, take your hair and start to twist it. As you are twisting your now slightly damp oiled up hair run your fingers through the remainder as you twist to get rid of any leftover tangles. When properly detangled as you twist your hair should look healthy and really shiny. Once you are done twisting tie it loosely at intervals to keep the twisting in shape – tight enough to hold it but not tight enough to leave a crease in it as it dries.

Step 6:

Run cold air over your hair to help it dry quicker. Using cold air instead of warm air will help add shine and will prevent your hair from being damaged. You can let it dry overnight or simply wait till it dries enough at this stage. Make sure when you are twisting it to twist it along the way your hair naturally falls, as you want to work WITH your hair, not against it.

Step 7:

When your hair is almost completely dry take the hair elastics out holding it in place. Leaving them in while it completely dries risks adding hair “creases” to your hair. Next, whip your hair back and forth. Yup, just like the song. This will allow for your hair to aerate and dry. Then fluff and rustle it up by raking your fingers through it. You will notice since you spent so much time detangling it that you literally have no issue running your hand through curly hair that you would otherwise not even be able to get your fingers through let along a comb or a brush. Keep fluffing until your hair is completely dry. Whipping your hair back and forth will also allow the bottom layers to dry and allow your hair to fall naturally. Spray with the water lemon juice to tame any leftover wildness and then look at the result!

If done properly your hair should be thick, volumnous, and longer with only your natural hair to thank for it – it should have lift at the top and thick curls as it approaches the bottom, as the ends will dry faster than the roots. No unhealthy products, no hairsprays, and this hairstyle lasts me a full WEEK before I have to wash it again!

If you would like to watch a video detailing this process click below. Also be sure to subscribe to chronamut on youtube for other great videos!

Written by Contributing Author: Shawn

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