Is the man bun hairstyle still in? See What Google Trends reveals…

google trends man bun style

Is the man bun dead?

For people wondering,  “is the man bun still in style?”, we have the answer. Well to be more exact, Google Trends has the answer. 

The man bun was definitely the most popular hairstyle of 2015 & 2016. But like many good things, it must come to an end. As the man bun memes began to flood the internet (likely from salty shorted haired guys), making fun of the man bun, the bun hairstyle was increasingly becoming the target of many jokes and was often associated with “hipsters”.

funny man bun memes

As you can see, there isn’t a shortage for funny man bun memes…

The following graph taken from Google Trends illustrates the downward trend of the man bun hairstyle.

is the man bun in style

Above is a graph of the search interest for the term “man bun”. As you can see it is definitively on the decline. But what caused that spike in search interest? As we dug deeper, we found that on November 05, 2015 a story about the clip on man bun exploded on the internet which caused many people to chime in and reveal their thoughts about the hairstyle trend. Interestingly right around the same time, graphic artists and photoshoppers creatively began photoshopping politicians with man buns, including Presidential Candidate at the time, Donald Trump. We even made a post about it, titled “funny pictures of politicans with man buns“.

Taking the last 5 years of search data accumulation, we find some interesting things.

man bun trends


Related topics to the search term man bun are as follows: meme, donald trump -45th U.S. President, Chonmage, Hairloss, & Zayn Malik.

Related queries on the rise, which are related to “man bun” are: man bun, undercut, undercut, beard man bun, man bun meme, top knot bun.

Additionally a poll that we have had in our website sidebar at reveals some interesting data. From 373 voters, 29% (207 voters) said that the trend was dead. 

man bun style poll

So you’re in the middle of growing your hair out…what now? No need to worry, there are many other hairstyles to choose from. See our article titled 23 most popular hairstyles for long haired men for inspiration and hairstyle ideas. 

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