Long Haired Men and the Bible

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Is it a sin to have long hair?

Correctly me if I am wrong, but according to the Christian Bible, God says that men should wear their hair short. It states that a man with long hair is considered shameful and disgraceful. But I see having long hair as a form of expression: A way of reflecting your inner personality onto your outer appearance. So, is the Bible outdated in the sense that it’s a couple thousand years old, and societal customs and tradition have evolved?

Every society is different, so each culture will have certain gender customs. In most places a man should have short hair, while a woman wears their hair long. So if you do agree with this idea, does it apply to everyone of the same religion, regardless of their culture and social “norms”?

But, wait didn’t Jesus had long hair? Although we can’t be for sure, he is often depicted as having long brown hair. This seems very hypocritical if you ask me. There is many debates regarding long haired men and the bible. This also makes me think, how many pastors out there have long hair?

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  1. I’ve often felt that people take that line of scripture out of context. Paul is answering questions from new gentile converts. As he doesn’t say what the questions are, we the reader have to surmise the questions from the context. Paul goes on about the purpose of long hair as a covering and sign of submission, then he finishes the thought with we of the Churches of God have no such custom. What custom? You have to look to the old testament where a man who had taken a Nazarite vow, pledging himself into God’s service, was not allowed to cut his hair as an outward sign of his pledge to God. I believe Paul was saying that becoming a member of the church did not carry that requirement. He was not saying a man having long hair was a sin.

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