Long Hair On Guys…

Patrick Petitjea model long haired men beard

Thinking about growing out your hair? You’ll definitely separate yourself from the crowd.

Although, you might find yourself asking these controversial questions: What do girls think about guys with long hair? Will people mistaken for a girl? Will people think I’m gay? What else might people think about me?

First of all you obviously can’t generalize the entire female gender. That being said, some girls like guys with long hair and some prefer shorter hair. Having long hair might affect your game positively or negatively. If a certain girl won’t date you because you have long hair, then screw her and go on the next one. But, if your hair’s dirty or messy that’s another thing. I’ve heard it from both sides of the spectrum, some girls love it and like to play with it (your hair), and others just aren’t into it. It really just depends on the individual’s taste.

So will people mistake you for a girl? HAHAHA. Maybe. If you have a manly body structure or manly features, then probably not. The only time you will probably get mistaken for a girl is from behind. If you’re worried about being mistaken for a girl, then maybe stay away from skinny jeans, or bright colored clothes. The sure way to eliminate confusion is grow out facial hair. Experiment with facial hair, like a legendary stache’ or a goatee.

If people think you’re gay for having long hair, then they’re morons. For them to think that is very ignorant. Here’s a good question; If you know of any gay people, how many of them have long hair? Exactly. Upon doing research I found that long hair isn’t that common in the gay community. If you’re afraid that people might think you’re gay then you are probably homophobic or very self conscious.

What do people think about long haired men? It really depends on what you’re wearing or how you style your hair. The following are some stereotypes that people might think about you:

  • Dirty Hippie
  • Drug Addict
  • Lazy/Bum
  • Pothead/Stoner
  • Criminal
  • Rock Musician
  • In a Motorcycle Gang


  1. Great read for people thinking about or just beginning to grow their hair out.

  2. How do I get everyone to think of me as a rock musician? :0)

    • Hahaha good question. I don’t know, maybe by doing some “head-banging” or “air guitar”, haha.

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