Mens Hair Accessories

mens hair accessories long haired men

There are 4 different instances of when a guy should tie up their long hair:

  1. To cover up your hair during an “awkward stage”
  2. To keep your hair out of your face
  3. When you’re too lazy to style it
  4. Just to look cool or try out a new look

So what are some ways you can wear or cover up your long flowing hair? Keeping in mind that these mens hair accessories are some great alternatives for when your hair isn’t long enough to put into a ponytail or a man bun. Whether you’re looking for something sporty or athletic or just want to lounge around and keep the hair out of your eyes, the following are some great hair accessories for men.

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Personal Story: Back when I first started growing out my hair in college, I went through a pretty bad awkward stage during the winter months. Lucky for me I had a couple of beanies that I wore for most of the time, which ended up doing a great job covering up my hair until it got long enough. I also did a lot of running, and head bands were a lifesaver for me. 


Guys with longer hair who wear headbands, yeah it might look a little 70’s, kind of like like saul from the movie Pineapple Express, but it’ll certainly get the job done. Great from when you’re running or playing a sport like basketball. Some athletes that rock the headband form time to time are: Evan Jager, Luis Scola, Steven Hill, Chris Andersen, Dirk Nowitzki. One thing to consider when you get a headband (and this depends on the brand) is that they are pretty tight when their new. You might need to stretch it out, if you want to prevent headaches. I know I had to when I first bought mine. Nike makes a pretty basic headband like this one. There are also things called Sweatbands by Halo. They come in a bunch of different colors and are adjustable, unlike the other ones. 

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funny nba player chris andersen long hair

Chris Andersen and wearing a headband


Hair bands are perfect for soccer or futbol players, especially if their hair is long but not long enough to tie up into a ponytail. Some pro soccer athletes are: Sergio Ramos, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Didier Drogba, Mauro Camoranesi, David Beckham, Edinson Cavani. I really like hair bands because unlike headbands you can wear them with a suit and not stand out. They’re a great subtle hair accessory that are safe to rock in the workplace. You should note there are tons of hairbands currently on the market. Truth is most of them as shitty quality. Hairbands such as these nike ones look super dope, and are made to last since they’re design for athletes. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve bought the generic black ones, only to have to snap off where the metal piece connects the the ends. 

david beckham long hairstyle hairband

Soccer player David Beckham rockin’ the hairband


Bandanas looks great on tennis players and rock stars. The Rockstar Bret Michaels is known always rockin’ the bandana, in fact I can’t even think of a time when I’ve seen him without one. Anyways it’s also often seen worn by tennis players such as: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Feliciano Lopez, Goran Ivanisevic, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Andre Agassi. Looking for a cool bandana, other than the generic ones. Just like in the picture below, Nike makes some great bandanas, they actually call them Head Ties. Although I’ve never owned one, they look pretty legit and apparently they’re better than the generic cotton ones because they’re made from 84% polyester, so they disperse sweat and moisture a lot better. 

Rafael Nadal long hair bandana

Rafa Nadal adjusting his Nike “Hair Tie”


Hats and Beanies are a great look depending on the person and style. Often worn in the winter and fall season. Beanies look cool and plus they’re great for covering up your hair during an awkward stage. Often seen worn by skateboarders, skiers, and snowboarders. Beanies saved my life when I first started growing my hair out back in college. They did an excellent job hiding my flow when I was going through a sucky awkward stage. As for as beanies go, Neff has a pretty wide selection in almost every color imaginable.

actor josh halloway long hair and beanie

The dude from Lost TV series rockin’ the beanie


Baseball caps, hats, snapbacks, whatever you wanna call it, they’re all pretty good hair accessories. Just makes sure that you’re not wearing them all day. They can get really sweaty or dirty if you do, and there’s nothing grosser than seeing a hat riddled with sweat stains. Patagonia makes some really dope snapback trucker caps that are made of a mesh material to ensure maximum breathability.


Guy wearing a backwards snapback cap


Hair hoop bands are totally new to me. This is currently on my “To buy” list because they just look really cool. I can’t really say much about these since I’ve never owned one before, but you can pick one up for about $2-5 each here if you want. They’re pretty inexpensive and look pretty cool if add gel or mouse. 

david beckham hair band loop hairstyle

David Beckham and keeping his hair back with his hair hoop band


So there you have it! You just saw some of the best mens hair accessories for your hair needs. Each accessory servers a purpose and compliments a particular style.

PRO TIP: Just be sure to AVOID using RUBBER BANDS as one of your mens hair accessories, because they will most likely damage your hair (stresses hair by pulling, which commonly results in breakage). Also avoid wearing a fedora, unless you’re well past your 50’s.

Hope you find these tips helpful! So what’s your go-to hair accessory? Let us know in the comments section below. See Our New Post About 7 Cool Headbands For Long Haired Men.

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