23 Most Popular Long Hairstyles For Men

popular hairstyles for men

Compared to having short hair, one of the main pros to having long hair is the variety and trendy hairstyle options you have to choose from. Of course in most cases this requires more maintenance/attention, which results in more time spent in the morning to create your awesome look. Some of these hairstyles are very simple and can be executed in a under a minute, while some may take up to 10minutes to achieve your desired look. The following are 25 most popular long hairstyles for men

1.Man Braid Hairstyle

long hairstyles for men man braid

The man braid is now becoming the new trendy long hairstyle for men. Obviously not as popular as the man bun of course, but given the time, really who knows?

2. Pony Tail

Ibra zlatan ponytail- onghair

A very simple long hairstyle that only requires a hairband to achieve. (Make sure to AVOID using rubber bands because they can cause damage to your mane). Use on of these popular no-damage scunci’s From the front it looks like a short hairstyle slick-back.

3. Mohawk

mohawk long hairstyle for men

A punk or rocker hairstyle which is commonly colored or dyed. It was a big trend in the 80s, but it just isn’t as common today. Takes a lot of time and work to achieve – requires tons of (hair gel) and a blowdryer. See Got2b spiking glue if you’re serious about rockin’ this style. Overall though it’s not really a practical hairstyle, but hey it looks cool nonetheless.

4. Man bun

man bun long hairstyles for men

Easily the most popular hairstyle of 2015, and even still being rocked today. Commonly the butt of many jokes today, it’s still being worn by many long hairs. Great for keeping your hair out of your face, especially when working out or running. It’s very funny to note that many guys who started growing their hair out when the man bun was “in style”, only to realize that when they finally had hair long enough to put into a bun, the trend had passed. Lucky enough for them, there are many other types of long hairstyles they can rock. FAKE clip on man buns are actually being told due to popular demand these day.

5. Long Under Cut Haircut

long undercut hairstyle for men

A very popular haircut today that is actually being adopted by many women today. A musician/ celebrity who wears the long undercut hairstyle is Skrillex – a DJ and music producer.

6. Long Mullet Hairstyle

roy nelson mma ufc mullet hairstyle

Much respect to the mullet and to anyone who can pull it off. Rarely do you seen guys wearing them these days (maybe redneck towns in the south?). Sometimes you’ll see some professional athletes wear them simply because they can, such as UFC MMA Fighter Roy Nelson.

7. Side Swept Hairstyle

long hairstyle, popular hairstyle, long haired men, guys long hair

Side parting your mane and allowing most your hair to flow onto one side. Usually covering up your forehead. Often times worn by teenagers and/or “emo” style.

8. Mens Half Up Pony Tail Hairstyle

Long hairstyles men, popular hairstyles, guys long hair, ponytail hairstyle

A “play” or variation of the ponytail. The tail portion of the hairstyle is only from the top of the head, which allows for a lot of the lower hair to stick out. It’s Sometimes seen worn by pro soccer or futbol players with long hair such as David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Be sure to use one of these popular no-damage scunci’s so you don’t damage your flow.

9. Middle Part

jared leto hairstyle, long hairstyles for men, trendy hairstyles men, middle part long hair

This symmetrical hairstyle is great if your hair is really long and goes past your shoulders. A great example of a famous celebrity that often rocks the long hair middle part is Oscar Award winning actor Jared Leto. In the music world, it seems common that Metal Rock Band members or musician also seem favor this hairstyle.

10. Dreadlocks Hairstyle

long dreadlocks hairsyle, white guy dreadlocks, guys dreadlocks, long popular hairstyles

Worn mostly by both black dudes or jamaicans, but you’ll also see it worn by white guys too. Just don’t be surprised when your mistaken for a “rasta” or a weed smoker. It is a common misconception that only african cultures wore dreadlocks – many historical cultures or civilizations around the world had dreadlocks.   Your hair naturally dreads or locks up when you don’t comb it or take care of it properly -it doesn’t matter what texture your hair is. If you need help keeping your dreadlocks in place you can use Knotty Boy Tightening Gel for a neater look.

11. Long Slicked Back

shia labeouf long hair, slick back hairsyle, long haired men, guys long hair, popular long hairstyles

Requires a lot of gel or pomade and a comb. Great style if you’re going for the mafioso or gangster look. A good example is the picture above of actor Shia Labeouf.

12. Mens Fishtail Braid Long Hairstyle

Fishtail Braid, long hairstyles men,

This sweet hairstyle requires some finesse and practice to achieve. Great if you have someone with the skills to do for you.

13. Long Afro

long afro hairstyle, popular hairstyles for men

Can only be naturally achieved if you have the right genes, such as having really curly thick hair, or being a black dude. This groovy retro long hairstyle screams 70s! Great if you have some high rise bell-bottom jeans to match. The picture above is of Corbin Bleu. Also worn by celebrity/musician Ludacris, and soccer players David Luiz and Marouane Fellaini.

14. Side Part Long Hairstyle

popular long hairstyles for men

A great natural long look for long haired guys. This is a very common hairstyle for guys with long hair since it’s very easy to achieve and doesn’t really require much work or preparation compared to some of the advanced styles above. 

15. Samurai Long Hairstyle

samurai hairstyle, long popular hairstyle, trendy hair

Originated by the Japanese warriors – the Samurai style is a very basic hairstyle that is simply just like top bun. It will likely be mistaken for a man bun.

16. Mens Swept Back Look – Long Hairstyle


When you tuck your mane behind your ears. Great for keeping your hair out of your face. The picture above is of Brad Pitt from the movie World War Z.

17. Mens Long Hairstyle Skater Look


This “shaggy” look is commonly worn by skaters & snowboarders. Many guys growing up probably had this type of hairstyle in middle or high school.

18. Mens Long Surfer Style


A simple and easy kind of a side-swept look. Great look if you have naturally blonde hair. 

19. Low Pony Tail Hairstyle


Different than the regular pony tail, because the tail most concealed. A little more professional, often seen by guys in the IT business. I cannot stress this enough, AVOID RUBBER BANDS and use a safe band like one these no-damage scunci’s so you don’t damage your flow/roots

20. Beach Waves


A look that can be easily achieved with surf salt spray. If you’re wondering what surf salt spray is, it’s basically a product that imitates the look and feel of you hair when you go to the beach and get salt water in your hair.

21. Long Emo Hairstyle


A dark and “edgy” hairstyle worn commonly by “Emo” kids. A really unique style that is personally my least favorite. It seems solely adopted by teenagers who can’t grow beards.


22. Long Wavy Hair

guy long wavy brown hairstyle man model

If you’re going for this style but you have long straight hair, don’t worry – you can still achieve this look. All you need is a curling iron and some practice. Watching helpful youtube videos will go a long way if you don’t know what you’re doing.

23. Surfer Wet Look Hairstyle


The “just got of the water” look. The shiny or wet look can be achieved with many different types of oils or gels, such as castor oil, argan oil, moroccan oil, and jojoba oil


I hope you got some long hairstyle inspiration or ideas from this article. Thanks for reading, and join the weekly email newsletter above or the sidebar to get helpful tips and advice. If you have any questions feel free to comment below and we’ll be sure to reply back.


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