Video: Pros and Cons to Having Long Hair as a Guy

Pros and Cons to Having Long Hair as Guy or Man Video

The following video was created by Edwin Lou.  He describes some of the pros and cons to having long hair for the first time ever.

I have currently been growing my hair out for about a year and a couple months. During the start of my hair growth, I’ve actually noticed some interesting things.  I just wanted to share my perspective on what it was like to grow my hair from short to long. Here are some pros and cons to having long hair as a guy:


So the first pro that is an obvious Pro is more hair style options. Since you have more hair to work with you are able to create more hairstyles compared to someone with shorter hair. You have the choice of wearing a hair in a bun, or up, and this actually creates the illusion of having short hair. Or you can just leave your hair down. You can go straighten, messy, or curly. Basically the possibilities are endless, you can basically do basically any hairstyle you want…Except bald, lol.

A con for having long hair as a guy  is that you have to know what kind of hairstyle will suit your style and your overall aesthetic. For example if you are shorter or average height like me and you have really straight long hair, it can actually weigh you down and make you look shorter than you actually are… so to combat this you wanna make a hairstyle with a lot volume on the top of your head so it’s not just going to just flow downhill, just like you’ve been hanging upside down for like two hours.

A pro that  I have noticed is that you will get a lot more compliments than you ever did before. Ever since I grew my hair out grow longer I’ve been getting a lot more compliments on my hair compared to when i used to have short hair. I’m not saying but I’m getting a bunch of compliments because I’m beautiful anything. I think the whole thing is that people aren’t used to seeing guys with long hair, so when they do see a guy with long hair it’s like, Hey! You have long hair that’s different and cool. Also canceling teach me how to accept compliments like a regular person just standing there and like smiling awkwardly. How do people do it.

So a con of having long hair as the guy is that every single man and woman and baby you meet will probably tell you to cut your hair at least once. Yeah I dont wanna dwleve into this too much beause it’s super annoying. Every person you meet, their happiness will depend on whether you cut your hair or not.

You’ll probably get a lot of comments like, “your hair is getting pretty long, you should get a haircut”. Or  “well, look at you, looks like someone needs to get a haircut. Eventually you get used to it and usually just brush it off. I think a good way to counteract this is to just be like oh yeah I’m gonna get cut tomorrow or very very soon. Usually will probably leave you alone… but you’re actually lying. Or you could tell them that your hair is actually part of your body and every time you cut it bleeds, so you can’t cut your hair.

My favorite pro and that is overall less maintenance. When I had short hair, there here would be days when my hair would be super messy and look really bad. I would have to wear a cool snapback hat. Or I’d have to style or add gel/wax just to make it look nice. But with long hair if your hair looks messy or crappy that day, you can actually throw it up in a bun and that actually doesn’t look too bad.

One con that will take some time getting used to you since you had short hair before is that your hair will get caught in everything.For example, sometimes when I’m in bed at night and I roll over it gets caught somehow, and I get startled because it’s like, “Ow!  Who’s pulling my hair”? Also when you brush your hair and like half of your head gets ripped out…

Also you will shed like crazy! I mean if I just run my hand through my hair like two or three times, at least a couple pieces of hair will fall out. You will also be eating food and suddenly there will be hair in your food! I’ll be like who’s disgusting hair is in my food? And you’re like, “Oh wait… that’s my hair…how embarrassing”.

And if you don’t have a hair tie when it’s time to eat, may god help your soul. Here’s something that’s really funny, well I find it really funny, and it happens to me lot more than I thought it would, and it’s being mistaken for a woman. Its ok I understand your situation and I get it.

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning and I’m really tired and I look in the mirror I’m like oh my god who is that?

The last pro for guys having long is… HAIR FLIPS! Great for certain situations. For example if you’re standing in a group and everyone is laughing, and you don’t know what to do HAIR FLIP.  Or if you break up with someone and they’re crying and you’re standing and you don’t know what to do…HAIR FLIP an walk away. That’s it, those are some of the things I have noticed when I finally grew my hair long enough to achieve the level of having long hair

In conclusion I think the pros outweigh the cons. I like my long hair and if i’m not a fan of it, I can just cut! I hope you guys enjoyed this video!


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