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Paolo Staff asked 3 years ago
Peter Revel-Walsh replied 3 years ago

I am an actor and model with long hair I have been growing it since 2002 ad it is now over 30inches in length here is a picture of me with my long hair

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Peter Revel-Walsh answered 3 years ago

Peter Revel-Walsh suited and Long haired

Peter Revel-Walsh actor & Model


mogul answered 2 years ago

I haven’t got a big length of hair now. But i want to grow up them. I like medium, shoulder length max. Than i can do hairstyles like this – Thay are a perfect choice for men who desire a more balanced look. And it’s good that it is many different options to explore in shoulder length hairstyles.

Markson answered 2 years ago

I have really long hair. I’ve growing it for 10 years and now my hair is longer than my wife’s..Every day I manage it into ponytail or messy bun.. – like these #13 and 20.  It’s never bothered me and I’m not going to cut it least in the next several years..

Desiblesen94 answered 11 months ago

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