what products do you guys put in your hair?

Guys Long Hair Forumwhat products do you guys put in your hair?
Paolo Staff asked 4 years ago

just wanted to see how this plugin would work

Paolo Staff replied 4 years ago

ok looks good

Paolo Staff replied 4 years ago

why is the icon so big?

rrrollz replied 4 years ago

i dont know

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Anonymous answered 4 years ago

this is a test

John Oldman answered 3 years ago

I love argan oil.
Argan oil makes an excellent leave-in conditioner, which can also prolong and intensify its beneficial effects on hair. It makes an ideal conditioning agent since it makes hair soft and sleek and adds extra shine. here more info 20 Best Hair Oils for Your Perfect Locks

shahbaz kayani answered 3 years ago

there are different things we put on hair see hair http://hairstyles4boys.blogspot.com/2016/03/hair-styling-techniques-for-mens-curly_9.html 

hairstylist answered 3 years ago

here are some hair product .am use for relax my curls.

Anwar answered 2 years ago

Guy’s please care about your hair, if you want to healthy and fresh hair than you have to need to follow these step for healthy hair.

Koppa answered 2 years ago

Here  Some Hair care products that you have to need.

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