Runners with Long Hair

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Running is a tough sport made for tough people. Runners area free spirited group of individuals and one way of showing their rebelliousness can be interpreted through their physical appearance. Growing your hair out long is certainly one way of doing this.

Let me put it this way; when you “toe” the line at a race, look to your side and see a long haired man, you are likely going to be intimidated. On another note, running with longer hair can be somewhat of a challenge. You constantly need to tie it up with hair accessories to keep it out of your face. Along with that, you’re facing negative factors like running with more weight and less wind resistance (not so much in distance running), which can play a role in short distance sprints. It’s kind of like swimming, the less hair you have, the less resistance there is, thus making you more aero-dynamic. So, if you’re seriously looking to run your best and have a PR(personal record) you might want to buzz it off or keep it short. That being said, props to you guys who do it.

You don’t see a whole lot of male runners these days with a long hairstyle.  I could see why though. In the sport of running where every second counts, who’s willing to give up a few precious seconds for some style points? However I guess one could argue that having long hair could give you motivation to disprove the “haters” or doubters. 

The following are some famous runners with long hair:

  • Steve Prefontaine – (Distance runner from 1970’s)
  • Christian Smith – 800m / Mid-Distance
  • Anthony Famiglietti – Steeple Chaser
  • Walter Dix – Sprinter
  • Anton Krupicka – Ultra Marathoner
  • Evan Jager – Distance / Steeplechase
  • Tim Nelson – Distance
  • Will Leer – Distance
  • Forest Gump – Wait! He wasn’t a fictional runner…

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ben Blankenship- (Rumored to be the first SUB 4 ponytail)
  • Michael Wardian – Ultra Marathoner
  • Andrew Colley
  • Ryan Sheehan

Check out these great hair accessories to keep your hair out of your face while running or exercising. Visit the following gallery for more pictures of long haired runners.


  1. Yea.. used to have a pony tail. Decided f*ck it this summer (location context: DC) and gave myself a buzz cut.

  2. Does running with long hair really slow you down? I have pretty long hair and run marathons.

    • No, not for long distance. But if you’re running a 100m dash, wind resistance is something to consider.

  3. you should add coach mark wetmore to the list!
    he’s probably one of the only long-haired coaches out there…

  4. well I do remember with some fondness the Forest Gump character in the movie and how he went on the run across America for a few years growing his hair and beard long

    • Yeah Forrest Gump was awesome! I think most men out there dream about just letting loose and growing out their hair/ beards long at least once in their lives. The real questions is, how many of them really have the “cajones” to actually set out and do it?

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