Secrets of Long Hair Maintenance for Guys

secrets of long hair maintance

Secrets of long hair maintenance for guys.

Are you growing long hair and want it to look the best that it can? You can optimize your hair by learning some of following secret tricks of long hair maintenance to look your best and enjoy your mane! 

1. Choose good products

Long hair maintenance starts with the choice of right products. You should purchase a shampoo suitable for your type of hair and use it 2-3 times a week. For shampoo we recommend Agadir Argan Oil Daily Shampoo, and the popular Active Wow Argan Oil Shampoo .  New York barbers underline the importance of regular conditioning, so get a nice conditioner and apply it each time you shampoo. A very popular conditioner maker is Nexxus.

2. Invest in quality tools

Long hair is impossible to maintain without certain tools. Best barbers recommend investing in professional tools like this Breezelike wide-tooth comb and a quality brush like the extremely popular Wet Brush Pro. You should also think about getting a bunch of no damage elastic hair bands like these awesome scunci’s if you don’t like wearing your hair loose. Just be sure NOT to use rubber bands because they are known to damage, pull, and rip your hair.

3. Wash in a proper way

Proper washing habits mean a lot when it comes to long hair. Excessively frequent washing or lack of conditioning will make your hair look lifeless and dehydrated. Hot water is another enemy you should stay away from. Always rinse with cold water. Keep the temperature down in the shower to preserve precious moisture of your mane.

4. Dry your hair correctly

Long hair takes longer to dry, that’s why a proper drying technique is of essential importance. With a towel be sure to dab the towel onto your hair gently, NOT rubbing the towel around. We also recommend drying your hair in a natural way because it’s healthy and damage-free. Use your blow dryer as sparingly as possible and apply only after thermal protection. If there is a cool or fan setting on your blow dryer, be sure to use that instead. Without a blow dryer though, it will take forever to dry your hair. We recommend a blow dryer like this Berta with a concentrator nozzle. 

5. Lead a healthy lifestyle

The condition of your hair reflects the condition of your body, that’s why you should stay healthy. Get our and exercise, proper blood circulation is great for your hair. Add more veggies, fruits, nuts, greens, whole grains, and high-protein food to your daily diet. You should also drink enough water, avoid emotional stress, and sleep well! May people also take Biotin supplements to boost hair growth. 


We hope these long hair tips will be useful for you and your mane will be very long and healthy! Thanks for reading!

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