Video: Shit Guys with Long Hair Say

shits guys with long hair say funny video

The following video is a hilarious sketch of some of the shit that guys with long hair say. If you’re currently growing out the flow, or if you already have it, then you’ve probably have said most of these things, or at the very least some sort of variation of them. Try and make it through the video without laughing or at the very least grinning.


Here’s some of the shit guys with long hair say. To see the whole list, please watch the video.

  • Yeah, I’m different than most guys.
  • Short hair cuts…so unoriginal.
    • All guys with short hair look like each other.
  • Looking in mirror… Now that’s a bad ass look!
  • Ah man, it’s raining outside.
  • Hey watch it man, I just had my hair done!
  • NO, I’m not cutting it!
    • Get those scissors away from me.
  • Yeah, we’ll I’m more manly than you.
  • No it’s not a phase!

Have you guys said any of theses before. Comment below if you guys have said any of these or if you have any new “shit guys with long hair say”.

Credit: This video was created by Mark Hachem


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