Sleeping with Long Hair

men with long hairstyle sleeping bed

How do you sleep with long hair? 

Sleeping with long hair can be very inconvenient at times, assuming you move around a lot. If not handled correctly your hair can get tangled and damaged. It can also lead to knots and shedding. Your ends can also get very dry, which makes you more likely to get split ends.

So, what are some good strategies to sleeping peacefully without damaging your hair? Here is some advice and helpful tips and techniques that you can use to sleep more comfortably.

Investing in these strategies and techniques will help add gentleness to your hair. Also you will most likely notice a decrease in visible hair shedding and an overall smoother mane. Keep in mind that sleeping with a ponytail can sometimes be awkward and uncomfortable to lie on, so try avoiding that unless it’s a very loose ponytail.

Everyone has their own routine, so what works good for someone, might not work well for you. So just like washing your hair, it’s best to experiment and keep your mind open to new options.



  1. I like to brush my hair with a comb while its damp and put on a beanie. It does wonders. I don’t wake up with a fluffy mess, I don’t get any tangles and for those who have it curly or wavy, it straightens it a bit.

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