Top 10 FAQs for Men with Long Hair

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If you’re currently growing out your hair for the very first time then you probably have lots of questions. The following are 10 Frequently Asked Questions for men with long hair:

Updated 06/19/2016: Additional Long Hair FAQ’s…

1. How long will it take to get shoulder length hair?

One of the most FAQs about growing your hair out. Depending on how long you want it and how fast your hair grows, it will take approximately around 16-20 months (year and a half) for shoulder length hair(1/2 inch per month).

2. How often should I wash my hair?

It is recommended that you wash your hair every 2-3 days. The more oily your hair, the more often you can/should wash it.

3. Should I condition my hair?

Condition you hair after every wash, especially if you have dry hair. This will replenish oils back into your hair.

4. How should I dry my hair after a shower/wash?

If possible, avoid blow drying! This can damage your hair. The best way dry your hair is to gently dab your hair (without rubbing). Air drying will take longer, but is much healthier for your hair.

5. What kind of hair do I have?

There are many different hair-types; straight, curly, frizzy, dry, oily. Identifying your hair-type will help you choose the right products for you mane. Identify your hair type. Visit our picture gallery of long haired men.

6. How should I comb my hair?

Use a standard (fine or wide teeth comb), and avoid brushes! Don’t brush excessively and avoid combing when your hair is wet.

7. Is there anything I can do to speed up the growing process?

There are a wide range of products/vitamins/oils that can help grow faster. Results will not be instant, but if done properly you might be able to see a significant increase.

8. What are some stereotypes people might think about me?

That you might be a; Dirty Hippie, Drug Addict, Lazy/Bum, Pothead/Stoner, Criminal, Rock Musician, In a Motorcycle Gang.

9. Will I look good with long hair?

You could put on a wig or get extensions, but other than that the only way would be to grow it out and see firsthand.

10. What is the best face shape for guys that have long hair?

A square face is probably best for long hair, but don’t let the shape of your face limit you from growing out your hair.

Updated 06/19/2016: Additional Long Hair FAQ’s…

11. Is trimming your ends necessary?

Trimming the ends is NOT necessary – even if you are suffering from split ends, you can deal with it by using anti-split-ends or anti-frizz fluid.

12. How do you deal with detractors or “haters”?

There will be some detractors who try to use side issues such as split ends to tell you to chop it off again. Be prepared to hear some pretexts for making you go short again. Men tend to be especially vulnerable to that talk from mothers and girlfriends.


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