TOP 10 Tips for Controlling Long Frizzy Hair for Men

Guy with frizzy hair funny static

Are you suffering from a frizzy mane? If so here are 10 things you can do to prevent and reduce your frizzy hair.

  1. Wash your hair LESS often (2-3 days or more between washes)
  2. Hydrate (drinking plenty of fluids will will help your hair retain more moisture)
  3. Avoid blow drying (let your hair air dry), avoid putting your wet hair in a towel turban
  4. Dab your hair with a towel after a good wash (NO RUBBING!)
  5. Apply oils like Olive, Argean, Jojoba, and Moroccan oil to your hair and scalp
  6. Use anti-frizz products (shampoo/conditioner)
  7. Gel/wax (will hold hair together and reduce frizzy hair)
  8. Make sure your hair is dry before leaving home (wind/humidity damage)
  9. Eat Healthy (vitamin rich foods like fruits & vegetables)
  10. Apply a leave-in conditioner (which will add moisture to your hair)



  1. Gonna try it out. I think that what I got is frizz indeed.

  2. All good points on the list. I would also add avoid putting up your wet hair in a towel turban to dry your hair. This method can greatly increase your frizz factor too. I used this for a number of months then stopped because it was making my hair more frizzy. If your got naturally thick hair or hair that is curly or wavy your hair will be more prone to frizzz then if your got thinner or straight hair. I also found Argean or Morrocan Hair OIl to be very handy for controlling frizzy hair on more humid or hot summer days.

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