What is the best long hairstyle for men with job interview?

long hairstyle job interview

Guys with long hair and job interview.

When you have long hair, hairstyles options are much more multifarious, so choosing a good or “safe” hairstyle when going to your next job interview should be something to consider. It’s important to remember that your appearance is a big part of the hiring process, so even before making your hair, be sure to have a nice suit or dress shirt, take a shower, and brush your teeth. Try to appear neat and proper. Be sure to to comb it with Rocky Mountain’s Anti-Static Wooden Comb to reduce frizz.


Also if you haven’t already read our article titled, 23 Most Popular Long Hairstyles for Men  to get some hairstyle ideas and inspiration for non-job interview days, give it a quick look. 

Sadly at times, long hair, tats, piercings, and other things that set you apart are red flags during the hiring process. It definitely detracts from your professional appearance. We all judge a book by its cover, however wrong that assessment is. I think that when someone is interviewing two candidates who are equally qualified, right or wrong, they are likely going to go with the person who is more ‘normally’ groomed, or an employee who they think will fit into whatever image a company chooses to have for itself.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.

If you hair is super-long and what I mean is if it’s down to your waist, I would consider trimming it down to maybe your chest. It’s a much cleaner look. You don’t want to bestowed a nickname on the first day at work as Rapunzel or these other funny nicknames for guys with long hair.

So what is the best hairstyle for job interview?

Option 1: Low bun, make sure you get it all in there. The tighter the bun, the cleaner the look. We think a low bun like the image below is a great option for an interview. It looks professional, and more importantly it keeps your hair out of your eyes.

long hair man low bun job beard

Low Bun Hairstyle

Option 2: Braid. It looks clean, tidy, and will show competence. With a braid you will look like you can at least take care of yourself.

Long hair braid

Long hair braid

Another options is to…

Option 3: Ponytail. From the front it will look like a slick-back hairstyle. To be honest,  men with ponytail’s sometimes get some flack, so a tucking in the tail (or doubling it back through your band) may be the best option, like a low bun. It’s still a cleaner look than letting your hair down.

long hair man job interview

Long Ponytail Hairstyle

Option 4 : I would look at cutting the hair as the LAST RESORT, unless of course it’s your dream job or something. Consider this though, you can always grow your hair back AFTER you get the job. But just remember, you worked hard to have long hair. It took of hard work, time, and dedication.

No matter which hairstyle you choose, I cannot stress this enough, AVOID RUBBER BANDS and use a safe band like one these No-Damage Scunci’s so you don’t damage your flow/roots

Good luck on the job interview! We’d love hear which long hairstyle you wore, and how it went!

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