White Guys with Dreadlocks Hairstyles

white guys with dreadlocks hairstyles

White guys with dreadlocks.

Looking for long dreadlocks hairstyle ideas? We compiled 13 awesome dreadlocks hairstyles of white guys with long hair. From traditional dreadlocks, to crazy mohawk dreads, we got it all for hairstyle inspiration needs.

Want to grow dreads, or considering transforming your long hair into dreadlocks? You may want to think again…

Just a warning, if you care what people might think of you, please read this (pending) article title, Stereotypes of White Guys with Dreads. The articles lists many many offensive, true, funny, false, general, and specific stereotypes dudes with long dreadlocks. Many of them were derived from twitter, and if you just search “white guys with dreads” on twitter you will see that there are many strong feelings about white or Caucasian guys with dreadlocks – most of them being negative and hateful.

white guys with dreadlocks hairstyles

So how do you get dreads? Basically there are many ways to get dreadlocks. Some ways are more harmful than others. You can either backcomb, twist and rip, twist and pin, brush rubbing, dread braiding, dread freeform (natural, and lazy), or dread perming (which chemically dreads your hair). We will go into further detail on dreadlocking in future posts.

Pictures of white guys with dreadlocks hairstyles:

1. Long dreadlocks (typical)

white guy with dreadlocks

“Regular” long dreads hairstyle

2. Dreadlocks under cut hairstyle

white guys with dreadlocks undercut

White guy with dreadlocks under cut hairstyle

3. Middle part dreads

white guy with dreadlocks jason castro

Middle part dreadlocks

4. Short/medium dreads (Justin Bieber)

justin bieber with dreadlock hairstyles

Short dreadlocks hairstyle

5. Ponytail dreads

Ponytail dreadlocks skateboarder

Ponytail dreadlocks skateboarder

6. “Rasta” super long dreadlocks

white guys with dreadlock hairstyles

Long “Rasta” dreadlocks

7. Big, phat unkept dread hairstyle


Big unkept dreadlocks

8. Dreadlocks with bandana

white guy with dreads

Long dreadlocks with bandana style

9. Mohawk dreadlocks hairstyle

mohawk dreadlocks

Mohawk dreadlocks hairstyle

10. Turban dreadlocks hairstyle

turban dreadlocks

Turban dreadlocks hairstyle

11. Dread top buzz hairstyle

long dread hairstyle buzz

Buzzed and top dreads hairstyle

12. Low bun dreadlocks hairstyle

low bun dreadlocks hairstyle

Low bun dreadlocks hairstyle

13. High bun dread hairstyle

High bun dreads

High bun dreads

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