Why Hair Cutting at Home Is a Fail Most of the Times

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If you have ever tried DIY hair cutting, you probably know how disastrous it can get. Most people have a horror story about hair cutting at home that eventually required an emergency visit to the stylist or weeks of wearing hats and caps. You can save yourself the hair walk-of-shame by resisting the urge to hack this task by yourself. Here are some of the major reasons hair cutting at home is usually a fail and why you should turn to professional hair stylists for the regular haircut.

Lack of Expertise

There are only so many YouTube videos you can watch to perfect the technique of cutting your hair at home. Unfortunately, most of these tutorials make the process easy for the clueless DIY enthusiasts. What you may not know is that most of the stylists with video blogs have invested time and resources to perfect the art of hair cutting and trimming. However, they make you think that you can get it right on the first or second try which is usually untrue.

Unlike other grooming tips like how to maintain long healthy hair or choose the best products, hair cutting does not involve trial and error. One wrong snip can turn into a disastrous do as you make more mistakes trying to fix it. Worse still, you may not be able to see the back of your head for a perfect cut.

Lack of expertise, reliance on mirrors to have a clear view of the entire head, and inaccurate angles will often lead to undesirable results, and, as a result of that, you should always be careful and seek the service of a well-trained expert.

Use of the Wrong Tools

A majority of people don’t have a collection of pro-level hair cutting tools lying at home. Most people who try to cut their hair reach out for razors and office or kitchen scissors. However, even the top rated beard trimmers on the market today won’t give you the best results as they are specially designed for shaving beards only. They may even cause split ends.

If you have to cut your hair at home, consider investing in quality hair tools suitable for your hair type. Check online reviews to find out what it’s worth the money and is designed for your needs. If you don’t find the equipment locally, you can purchase online and have them shipped to your location. When used with expertise, the right tools can deliver the best DIY haircut results.

Unrealistic Expectations

Most people who end up cutting their own hair have a source of inspiration. Most points of reference are celebrity actors and musicians, men magazines, and friends. You may be down for Ty Burrell’s thick locks, Eddie Redmayne’s waves and curls, or Jim Parson’s occasional cool short haircut. From my experience, I have learned that wherever one draws their inspiration from, it is important to determine whether it is suited for their own hair before trying the style at home to avoid building unrealistic expectations.

If you want to be on the safe side, don’t expect to look like your favorite personality when the shape of your face doesn’t look similar. It may be a good idea to seek advice from a friend or professional stylist before going for an inspired homemade haircut. Try to comb and hold the hair in the desired style and determine how it looks on you before cutting it. If the style isn’t working for you, find another that’s more realistic and suitable for your hair.

The Bottom Line

You need to put several things into consideration before choosing to cut your hair at home. Your best bet for getting a great hair cut is finding a renowned stylist. Be honest about what you want than seek professional advice, if you aren’t sure of how a particular style will look on you. Cutting your hair at home without the expertise or the right tools for the job will only end in frustrations. The chances are that you will still spend money on professional styling after failing to achieve the desired results.

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