Will Having Long Hair Hurt Me in the Workplace?

long haired men suits working jobs office

Will having long hair hurt me in a job environment? Is it unprofessional for the workplace?

If you’re currently growing out your hair, this might be something you’ve thought about. If you are currently employed then I’m sure you know the answer. If not, ask your HR department. Unfortunately long haired men have been stereotyped as being lazy, irresponsible, and so on.

Well, truth of the matter is first impressions (appearance) have a tremendous impact in a job interview. Whether or not your potential employer has a problem with that is their considered opinion. Now, is that discrimination? Since discrimination is based on race, sex, or disabilities; all of which you necessarily can’t change. NO. A haircut can be simply changed; all you need is a pair of scissors and someone who can use them.

Having long hair is very much like tattoos or piercings, it’s not exactly looked upon as conventional in a job setting. 

Here’s a scenario; you are in desperate need of a job, and a good one comes along. It’s not your dream job, but it’s good enough to the bills and put food on the table. Being how the economy is these days, a job like this rarely comes along . So, you go through the interview and everything goes smoothly. After you’re done though, they tell you that if you want the job you’ll have to cut your hair in order to “look professional”

So what do you do? Take the job and flush (x) years worth of growing down the drain, or do you tell them to screw off, and take your chances, looking for another job?

Now, I’m not saying that you will encounter this dilemma, but it’s definitely a possibility. Really it just depends upon the particular establishment or workplace. Every business has their own culture, so some may allow it while others will not. For example (all education/skill being equal) long haired guys might find it harder to be employed as a banker or lawyer than a computer programmer or designer.

Why is a man’s hairstyle more important than his qualifications, experience, or credentials?


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