Best Flow from the 2015 World Series

long haired baseball players jacob degrom

The battle between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets surges on.

With the 2015 World Series Championship underway, it’s interesting to note that both teams have a couple longhaired’s swinging for the fences. Since these baseball players wear ball caps during the games, you can’t really see their hair. Not to mention that like 80% (made this up) of them have bush-league short hair anyway. So when you see a long haired player they tend to stand out since their locks usually pour out the sides of their cap. So which team has the sweetest flow?

First lets take a look at the KC Royals:

Johnny Cueto – this dominican born pitcher has some serious flow. Check out those dreads!

Pitcher Johnn Cueto

Pitcher Johnn Cueto

Johnny Cueto getting attacked by his flow mid-pitch

Johnny Cueto getting attacked by his flow mid-pitch


This is pretty much all she wrote for the KC Royals. Everyone else is pretty much rockin’ the short hairstyle.

Now, let’s take a look at the NY Mets:

Jacob deGrom – starting pitcher for the Mets and has around shoulder length hair. deGrom recently spoke to media about his hair and stated that he plans on cutting his hair right after the World Series.


Jacob deGrom

Jacob deGrom


Hair pulled back behind his ears.

Noah Syndergaard – also a pitcher. The rookie will be called upon in Game 3 to hopefully dig them out of the 0-2 deficit.

Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard

Rookie Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard

Winners: The NY Mets because they have more long haired’s. 2-1. Nothing else to it.

MVPH: Johnny Cueto, simply because his flow is longer, and he plans on keeping it after the series, unlike deGrom.

What did we learn? For one, almost all baseball players with long hair are pitchers. Why is that? Is it because they’re trying to express themselves through their mane. Or is it because they’re trying to create their own brand/image and they want to be stand out from the rest of the other players? I’m not sure. Also here’s what we can infer: Don’t mess with us long haired guys, ‘cus we can throw some serious heat!


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